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Experience Centre

Bring Imagination to Life with PLAYMOBIL​

Since its creation in 1974,the brand has been dedicated to presenting a wide range of characters and scenario-based toys. It allows children to explore and imagine,stimulate creativity,focus and improve their interpersonal communication as well as problem solving skills. The world can be experienced in miniature, enabling role-playing,learning though play and interaction as well as promoting individual imagination.

Making your own Playmobil figure
You can customize your own Playmobil figure on the touch screen.
Scan to become a member and download the digital figure for free.
Photo shoots with PLAYMOBIL
Such a wonderful moment, of course we had to take pictures!
We prepared plenty of backgrounds and fun Playmobil props and made good memories with your friends.
Figure-making experience
We have selected some of the most popular figures for Playmobil fans. Here you can assemble the various figure parts with your own hands.
Playmobil Space Travel
Wandering on the streets and then taking a leap into space,
Playmobil Space Travel Wall help you experience that!
Playmobil interactive table
When you place the figure on the interactive table, you can activate its unique story.
Come and discover the world of Playmobil figures!
Immersive theme games
This immersive theme game is based on popular Playmobil themes.
Remember to bring your friends along so you can transform together.
70015 Inclusion Café
PLAYMOBIL has always been committed
to providing an inclusive workspace to specially abled employees and support them to thrive as an integrated part of society. All our café staff are trained, qualified, and more than happy to serve you at our café!
Happiness, like equality, belongs to each and everyone of us.